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Visantine And The Romance Of Slow Fashion

I remember when I first met Ivy Thompson.  We were at a mutual friend’s Brooklyn loft and we soon realize that we both worked in fashion.  Ivy was dreaming about starting her own line, and I was at my first job in the industry and could not fathom going out on my own.  Through the years we have become close friends and fashion business confidant. It has been amazing to watch her journey and to see her brand grow. I really admire her ambition and rethinking of what the fashion industry should be.  I was so happy to get to sit down and do this interview. Ivy has so many great stories and insights and I wanted to share all...

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Behind The Scenes: My Collaboration With The Land Health Institute

This season started by taking walks around my neighborhood and thinking of meaningful concepts I want to communicate in my next collection. On a spring evening, when the light was just beginning to glow through the leaves, I found myself walking around my neighborhood of Kensington, Philadelphia. Between the old and the new, I found small plots of open space where the community had gotten together to make a garden. I liked the thought of blossoming flowers against the harsh backdrop of an ever-changing city neighborhood.   I wanted a non-profit that focused on putting nature back into the city but also created programs to help enrich the community. I found local Philadelphia non-profit: The Land Health Institute to work with for this season. Using...

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Fragrances For The Girl That Hates Fragrances

I have never considered myself someone who likes perfume. The light, dizzying notes of Plumria, Rose or Freesia have never had any effect on me. I always fancied myself a unique and idiosyncratic individual, and the standard department store scent never seemed to characterize me. I longed for something deep and musky, with hints of an exotic smell that was both foreign and alluring. I loved the idea of having a signature fragrance-- an intangible element of your identity that wafted in the air long after you were gone, reminding others of your presence. After reading far too many Chanel quotes about the power of scent, I went on a quiet journey to find a signature perfume. I am delighted...

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Behind The Scenes With Shannon Maldonado of Yowie

I have had a creative crush on the Yowie brand for quite some time. Getting to meet Shannon Maldonado and learn more about her impeccably curated collection has been such a treat. We sat down for an interview and got to talk about the creative process behind Yowie along with what it is like to run a small business: How did you first get interested in fashion and home goods?  What were some of your early experience working in the industry? I have been making things for as long as I can remember. When I was a child my mother would create custom outfits for my sister and I using colorful trims and remnant fabrics that she found on Fabric...

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The Perfect Lookbook

Fall/winter market week time is approaching, and that means one major thing — brands and small designers from all over are working hard to get the perfect lookbook ready in time. For me, this is when the magic happens: when I get to see the sketches I doodle months ago finally materialize on a model. While I feel that every part of fashion lends itself to storytelling I really believe that photographs are the best way to capture the mood of a collection — and one of the easiest ways to show the audience your brand’s viewpoint. I have come to think of lookbook creation as an art form: you want to conjure up the ideas behind your brand and...

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